Clash of Clans February Update- Thursday, February 20, 2014

These last two weeks have been a monumental Clash of Clans league season for us!  Our awesome Sifu broke the ranks into Champion's League, paving the way for the rest of us.  Meanwhile, Purple Flame has been climbing up the Clan rankings ladder, jumping to 38,364 from 75,000 in just two weeks!  If that's not enough, today we hit 50 members, which means we'll be starting a secondary clan to serve as a training ground and also as a feeder clan.  Good times!

As it is in life and kung fu, the more you put into the game, the more you'll get out of it.  Those who are taking this seriously are finding many parallels between the game and pretty much everything else!  No spoilers for you!  These parallels can only be understood by those who are taking an active role in the game, and can only be experienced through attacking (the "work" required in the game).  Sitting on defense isn't it.  Sitting behind a shield isn't it either. 

In regards to shields, here's a message from Sifu:

"No one under champions needs a shield or should ride one out if you have play time. Use it only if you are busy.  They can't take more than 10% and most only take 2%-5%.  Too many hiding.  Only reason I use one is as some of you saw the other night, I'll get attacked twice in 3 minutes losing 20 trophies but only getting 4-8 per attack due to game programming.  

NEVER let your shield stop you from attacking, ever.  All it does is provide a false sense of security.  While you are sitting there, others are growing.  Grow don't hide.  You need experience out there to stay alive and functional, otherwise you can't get past a certain point."

As if the life lessons weren't enough, Sifu has awarded the top performers with iTunes gift cards. 

  • Joey (Abbey): Top 8 + 3973 donations
  • Sifu (Candy Korn): Top 8 + 3562 donations
  • Sifu (Reedschuette): Top 8 + 824 donations
  • Chuck (Sprocket): Top 8 + 1245 donations
  • Paul (Pazul108): Top 8 + 582 donations
  • Dan (Tofu): Top 8 + 1803 donations
  • Greg (Curly): Top 8 + 1394 donations
  • Christie (Bugsy): 2009 donations

 Other top donators:

  • Chris Tucker (Useless_rock): 996 donations
  • Trinni (Twinkie): 899 donations
  • Justin (Hunterkune): 732 donations
  • Chris Smith (Okami): 691 donations
  • Noris (Fuzzy Gerbil): 589 donations
  • Vi (Meow): 561 donations


We've also noticed that the top donators are generally the top attackers.  Don't let donations keep you from attacking...but then again it doesn't seem to slow these guys down.  Bear in mind, the higher level town hall you are in, the more money it takes to raise an army, and the longer time it takes to build one.  For example, Sifu's army costs 250,000-400,000 elixir and takes 3 hours to build at Town Hall 10.  Chuck, Dan and Paul's seiging army at Town Hall 7 costs 100,000-175,000 elixir and roughly an hour to build.  Factor that in when you look at these top attackers for the last two weeks (successful attacks): 

  • Dan (Tofu) - 231
  • Paul (Pazu108) - 163
  • Vi (Meow) - 155
  • Justin (Hunterkune) - 154
  • Greg (Curly) - 138
  • Stephen (Baristabot) - 125
  • Chuck (Sprocket) - 111
  • Sifu (Candy Korn) - 106
  • Trinni (Twinkie) - 98

From there, some are between 50-85 with over half under 50 attacks.  As Sifu said on Tuesday, you will get what you put into it whether it's in this game, life, or kung fu.  Go and get it! 


Clash on....and make sure you still do your forms and chi kung :)

Tea Man Dan

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