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I feel amazing!

Before I started White Tiger Kung Fu, I was a flower. My family had a history of heart conditions and I had developed palpitations about 5 years ago. This prevented me from doing any aerobic exercise.  I started Kung Fu in the women's program, mainly for self defense. But with the regular physical activity combined with the teas, herbs and tonics, I've become more athletic than I've ever been. I no longer take "western medicine"for my palpitations and I no longer have any trouble keeping up in the regular program with the other students. I feel amazing!

- Trinni Luong-Schreier


My mom's tuberculosis disappeared!

Six months ago, my mother tested positive for tuberculosis. The chest xray confirmed a mass in her lungs. She committed to taking The Emperor's Lung Strengthening Tonic, Shil Lum Temples Lung Strengthening and Detoxifying Tea and the Tang Dynasty Emperor's Advanced Immune Boosting Formula. Today, her chest xray is free and clear!  I should also add that she opted not to take the medicine that her doctor prescribed for her. No side effects, but ALL the benefits.

- Trinni Luong-Schreier


Bruise subsided within 24 hours!

I purchased this oil about a year ago for a injury to my ankle from White Tiger Kung Fu called 18 Lohon. The oil helped with the pain and swelling and I was amazed with the results. Recently I broke a blood vessel in my hand, which resulted with a swollen lump and bruising around my hand. 3 days later, the pain and swelling intensified and then I remembered about the Rubbing oil and started using it on my hand. Within 24 hours hours the swellng subsided and the bruising showed considerable improvement. I highly recommend this product as a must have in every household!

- Barbara P.


The real deal!

The real deal! If you are looking to better your mind, body and soul I recommend White Tiger Kung Fu! Sifu Joel and Dan are amazing!

I have know them for years and I recommend them for anyone seeking a better mind, body and soul.

- Spencer M.


Positive, productive and healthful path

White Tiger Kung Fu (Bak Fu Pai) was chosen by Chinese Emperors to protect the Royal Family. This makes it the most dominate form of martial art in existence. Unlike any other martial arts school that I've encountered, they have an extensive variety of Dit Da,Tea, and other herbs used to supplement and enhance training.

It is also an internally focused system with powerful Chi Kung meditations and amazing Tai Chi forms. Students here also have the potential to learn Iron Body and Iron Palm techniques. Sifu Joel Rizzo is extremely knowledgeable and his teachings have produced phenomenal results in countless individuals. The staff is highly adept and very friendly. I highly recommend this style to anyone. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, in shape, or out of shape. White Tiger Kung Fu will put you on a training regimen that will guide you on a positive, productive, and healthful path. And Kung Fu is fun to learn!

- Daniel Sandor


I don't need to go anywhere else anymore

I've trained at several gyms throughout the years and I can honestly say that I have experienced the most personal growth from Rizzo's White Tiger Kung Fu School. What drew me in was the fact that it is a complete system where you learn everything from fighting aspects, to meditations, to Chinese herbology, and many more. There is so much knowledge to be gained here that I don't need to go anywhere else.

I want to thank Sifu Joel for all the guidance in making me the man I am today and for all the help he's given my family. I look forward to many more years of growth through White Tiger Kung Fu.

- Justin Biltz


Kung fu with my Wife!

My wife and I have been students there for over 6 years. I truly enjoy the fun and positive atmosphere made up of the students and staff. We get a fantastic work out (both body and mind) that's safe and professionally taught.  FYI, the school has been known to dismiss students that threaten the harmony and safety of others; this is a good thing, I'm glad that our safety is such a high priority- THANK YOU Sifu Joel :)

Another wonderful point which came only through the years of experience is that the curriculum is authentic. This is extremely important these days with so many schools and gyms teaching made-up martial arts / self-defense programs from teachers that are self proclaimed masters. That's like hiring a bum off the street to teach you how to be a millionaire. So do yourself a favor, check any place out for yourself, you be the judge.  
As for me and my wife- we love White Tiger Kung Fu and feel privileged to be a part of something great!

- Noris Velazquez


Kung Fu keeps me coming back!

I have been afiliated with this school for quite a while. And while I have studied other martial arts my whole life, this school is the only one that has kept me coming back as long. The envrironment is always positive and the results I have seen through the years are just awesome.

Personal involvement from Sifu Joel has always been continuous and as I rose through the ranks and saw the teaching staff grow, they too are very involved int he growth of each student in so many positive ways.

I cannot recommend this school any higher.

- Tom Olson


I would walk 1800 miles...and I would walk 1800 more!

These guys are the most honest, down to earth, genuinely good people i've ever met. i had heard of how awesome Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu is back in about 2007. i vowed to someday train there, even for only a week, since i live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which is roughly 1800 miles away. i managed to get there in 2010 and trained there for a week. that was easily the best week of my life. the positive energy that flows from everyone there hits you like a tidal wave once the classes start. the class itself is so uplifting and healthy and fun that you don't even realize you're learning a deadly martial art that has some of the most practical self defense moves i've ever encountered in all my years of training in martial arts. i've been into martial arts since i was 12 and i'm 32 now. i loved it so much i came back the following summer for another awesome week of training. this was the other best week of my life. the same powerful positive energy and really fun classes. the teachers make classes so enjoyable that when class is over you badly wish it wasn't, you just want to keep going even with their heavy conditioning class and you're sweating buckets from the intense workout. i plan on training here again for a week later this year. this school is very much worth traveling 1800 miles one way to train at. i couldn't think of a better school to learn martial arts from.

- Mike V.


There's so much more to kung fu!

I started training at White Tiger Kung Fu almost two years ago and in that time my life has changed so much that I can't even begin to describe how much more different (and better) of a person I am now.

I originally entered into it thinking it would teach me how to fight and defend myself but it quickly (first day of training, even!) turned into so much more!   Training at White Tiger Kung Fu has given me the capacity to focus harder and for longer periods of time, to always know that it doesn't matter how hard things get, I WILL get through it and I WILL do my best, and, above all, it's given me an extraordinary feeling of peace and relaxation just by training there. It's run very efficiently by its (super!) friendly staff and instructors and amazingly generous Sifu who together make up one heck of a family-like environment.  Additionally they also provide the option to purchase training liniments which help with the training they dish out on so many levels that I don't think I could contain the description in this text box!  They have teas (white, green, black, herbla, artisan, you name it!!), tonics (all of which help promote PHENOMENAL health (take it from me, I haven't had any sort of ailment in almost two years since I started drinking them!), and other training liniments that help ease ANY discomfort or injury!

Everyone finds White Tiger Kung Fu for their own reasons, mine was because I wanted to step outside of my normal comfort zone and start doing something that I've never tried before. I find myself looking forward each day to the training I'll be going through that night and how much I can learn in that amount of time.

White Tiger Kung Fu is so exciting/fun/different/awesome!  You really have to try it out to understand!

- Andy Nuhaily


Willing to travel 3000 km for kung fu!

Joel Rizzos Authentic White Tiger Kung fu is as good as it gets. I have been training for 24 years, including a very authentic Japanese Art which trains and focuses on self defence, positive thinking and ultimate health. I actually travel 3000 kms every few months to train with them since it is so difficult to find a school with their vast array of knowledge, which includes herb & tea lore. Diagnosed with a severe syndrome I had thought my life was coming to a painful end. Sifu Rizzo and his instructors helped bring me back to a state of health which the physio-therapist could not. Combined with very careful and precise techniques is the most effective qi gong and meditation training you can get anywhere! I truly believe that if it were not for the White Tiger School in San Diego my life would have writhered away as well as any possibility of a future.

- Steve Blanes


Open since 1994

Since its doors opened to the public in 1994, I have seen students come and go over the years (and many of them still training at this school as I am now) with the goal of improving their lives through martial arts.

Whether they are buying supplies or taking classes, White Tiger Kung Fu is a place that seeks to provide a sanctuary for all who enter their doors. The goal is to create a positive and safe environment for every student to train and to help each other grow through Kung Fu.

As in most relationships, sometimes people grow together and sometimes they grow apart, and often there are misunderstandings. Not every business fits everyone's personality and from time to time, personalities come into the school that are contrary to the welcome atmosphere of White Tiger Kung Fu. However, it has been in my years of experience that this business has always given its customers the benefit of the doubt and has gone out of their way to rectify any issues whether it was their fault or not.

The staff here has been more than awesome in helping the students achieve their goals in martial arts and personal development. I'm happy to be part of a organization that cares so greatly for its members while preserving the authenticity of an ancient art that was once only available emperors and nobility.

- Sifu Joel Rizzo


Stronger in body, mind and spirit

I have been a student of White Tiger Kung Fu for almost 3 years. Every day I am grateful for the strength and self confidence that their teachings have instilled in me. Not only am I stronger in body but also in mind and spirit. This truly is an internal art and I would recommend it for anyone seeking holistic improvement in all facets of their life. White Tiger provides a safe environment to grow at your own pace and all who learn and teach here conduct themselves with uncompromising integrity.

- Trinni S.


Accomodating schedule conflicts

I have been training at White Tiger for 4 years. My initial interest was for my kids. But, years before I had taken some Tai Chi & when they told me that their curriculum included Tai Chi & they had affordable family plans, I signed everyone up. Because of other interests the kids classes do not work for me & they have allowed them to train with me in the adult class. The staff & other students have been very helpful and accommodating schedule conflicts for promotions & such as participation in various sports periodically conflicts with weekend promotions.

I highly recommend White Tiger Kung Fu for anyone who is interested with improving themselves & their outlook on life through kung fu. Not to mention a good workout & acquiring some traditional Chinese martial skills!

- Jack Davis


Kung Fu family environment

I've been a student of White Tiger Kung Fu for over 5 years, and I can't imagine training anywhere else.  Kung Fu training has improved my health, strength, and endurance.  White Tiger has helped me to reach goals in my career and personal life.  The instructors are competent, friendly, and really care about your growth, not just as a martial artist, but as a person.

Many students who attend the school call fellow students their Kung Fu family because we all help each other grow and learn regardless of our differences.  I've never felt unwelcome at White Tiger and older students except new comers with open arms.  White Tiger is a school where you can train in peace and not feel the need to posture or show off just to fit in.

Come visit White Tiger Kung Fu and I guarantee you'll be welcomed with a smile.

- Chris Simms


Love at first sight!

On my first day of training at White Tiger Kung Fu I fell in love with the place, by the second day I was addicted and couldn't get enough.  It was everything I was looking for in a martial arts school.  I've been training there almost every day for 7 years and I'm still learning new things.  Between the kung fu forms, folklore herbal knowledge, meditation's and philosophy there is enough material to keep someone learning for decades!
The best part is how friendly all the people are at White Tiger.  It's a great school for people and familes that have always wanted to learn a martial arts without having to deal with "meat heads".

- Tom S.


Phenomenal health and martial arts training

The owner, the instructors, the staff and the students at White Tiger Kung Fu are all great personalities and great people as a whole.
I've conducted business with them for many years, and I have to say it has been absolutely the best experience in my career. I've referred many people (and many of my own clients) to their school. The staff is so knowledgeable and helpful.

The products they carry are phenomenal for health and martial arts training. In fact, great for any kind of physical training and health based arts. They carry this liniment called Dit Dar Jow that I am in love with. Couldn't imagine going a day without it. Excellent for sore muscles, arthritis, stretching....pretty much everything physical.

White Tiger Kung Fu, keep on doing a great job, and thanks for all that you do for the world!

- Rod S.


Light bringers unite!

Authentic. This is the real deal! Growing up with a very strong spiritual background, I have to say this is as real as it gets to understanding the world around and most importantly the world within. For truth seekers, light bringers, spiritual warriors...this is the place to be! For those in the martial world seeking a home where the knowledge is endless, the path is continuous...this too is where you need to be!

Complete. Through this fascinating journey of kung fu, we get to explore the depth of our human potential. In a safe, positive environment we find out just how far down this rabbit hole leads. Besides, haven't you ever wanted to know what the other 90% of our brain they say we don't use, is for? The only way to get there is with a complete system that integrates the mind, body and soul in all activities.

Results. As they say, "The Proof is in the Results." Over the years I've seen hundreds of students...they each come for a different reason, but all end up with tangible results. The longer they stick around, the more results are generated. I've heard 7 year olds say the most profound things, do the most amazing things with their chi, and demonstrate skills some adults spend YEARS trying to develop. I've witnessed miracles being performed. My mother's health go from near death to pristine. My aunts arthritis disappear. My grandpa's bronchitis go away overnight. My shin splints went away. My shoulder healed. I'm no longer near sighted. That's just stuff I'm willing to post!! Endless stories!!

Diversity. There's something for everyone. There's SOOOO much material that the training can be approached so many different ways. Again, everyone comes for a different reason. Some come for Chi Kung, some for Tai Chi, some for herbs, some for self defense, some for something recreational to do.

Personally I came for the Chi Kung, wanted to find real healing for my mother, and to "find myself". 7 years later, I gained MUCH more than I bargained for. I got my Chi Kung, my instructor taught my mother how to heal herself, and I discovered who I am and what I'm supposed to be doing! Before kung fu, I would have laughed at half the things I'm capable of doing nowadays. Crazy reflexes, 5 minute mile (and I don't even run!), inner peace, fairly focused, endless energy, never winded, I can actually spar decently, I can write decently, I can express myself, I can run my own business, I can help people on a deep profound level, and the coolest part for me...that may sound crazy...but learning how to heal myself and others! Someone had to say it!

I can't wait to find out more...and I hope you can come play too!

- Dan Luong


Fun and safe learning environment

The only authentic Martial Arts school that I have ever been to that teaches all aspects of traditional Kung Fu/Martial Arts! It's a FUN and SAFE learning environment where my wife and get a great workout, feel relaxed and de-stressed from the work day, and learn all about teas, herbs, and self-defense. Highly Recommend White Tiger Kung Fu! Hope to see you there :)

- Noris Velazquez


Wave of Relief!

At home we have continued to use the Dit Dar Jow for everyday activities and actually as a typical mood enhancer!  At the end 0f the work day I use it to begin a mental windown proccess and relaxation.  If nothing more, it begins to signal me "it is time to relax" forget about work, money and stress.  My girlfriend has used the proiduct on all her post workout aches and pains.  The soreness in her shoulders, back, arms and legs is alleviated almost immediately!

In a very specific result from the Dit Dar Jow was an evening spent at The Wakehouse in Belmont Park.  After riding waves and getting pumelled in the tube, I had the worst soreneck from muscles, tendons and a headache too that next morning!  I used the Dit Dar Jow and directly applied to area of extreme soreness and pain and then a second time that afteroon.  By the time I went to sleep that night, I had no pain or soreness!!  All this without any pain relievers, muscle relaxers or professional massage.  White Tiger Dit Dar Jow was all I needed!


Arthritis Relief

I have been using the Bak Fu Dit Dar Jow for a month and have already experienced much less pain in my hand with severe arthritis.  I'm 78 years of age now and will be using the large bottle on my hands and also my injured shoulders.  Thank you White Tiger!

- Rose W. 


Healed my own elbow

I had a wonderful kung fu result this weekend. While moving on Saturday morning, I picked up a couch. About halfway up, I heard/felt a loud pop in my right inner elbow. I assume I pulled or tore a muscle. The balance of the day my arm was powerless and extremely painful. I was expecting the normal 2 week recovery period that I have experienced pre-kung fu. I applied Dit Dar Jow several times and used chi healing for about 10 minutes. On Sunday I experienced only slight irritation and by Monday was pain free and at 100% strength. The proof IS in the results!

- Bill Smith

My foot is healed!

I wanted to share a very sweet and amazing story about Daniel
Chambliss. I am a teacher at Sycamore Academy of Science and Cultural
Arts. Monday morning before school I had badly stubbed my right pinky
toe. I thought nothing of it, put my boots on and went on with my day.
That night my toe was extremely swollen and I was unable to walk on
it. The next day (Tuesday) I decided that crutches would be the best
way to get around the classroom quickly. Not knowing if it was broken
or not, I still could not put a lot of weight on it. That evening we
had a PTC (Parent Teacher Committee) meeting. Mrs. Chambliss and her
son were at the meeting as well. Daniel knew of my hurt toe and had
asked me what was wrong with me. After the meeting ended Daniel and I
were having our own conversation. He wanted to know the details of how
it happened, how much it hurt and where it hurt. He asked if he could
heal me. I am very much a believer when it comes to natural healing
and was shocked that he would even know to ask to do that, so I told
him of course! He proceeded to kneel down and lay his entire hand in
the area of pain. I remember asking him a question as he was quietly
concentrating and he asked me to hold on because he was trying to heal
me and concentrate. I could tell that Daniel was really focusing
because he stayed there for a while. He had to readjust his hand a few
times to make sure he was targeting the correct area. Then he said he
was done and asked if I was much better. I told him yes... because for
some weird reason I did feel a small bit of relief. The next day was
remarkable. No pain and walking on both feet crutches!!!!
Daniel checked up on me the next day to see how my foot was and I made
sure to emphasize that fact that he helped to make my toe feel so much

Daniel is such a sweet, deep child who really channels into
emotions of others. I am sure that whatever he is being taught will
come in good use with him as he is already applying what he has
learned from you.

Thank you for listening to my story,
- Vanessa Abisror

My cysts are gone!

At last month’s promotion, I had a mole torn off my right forearm.  It bled profusely, so I left to clean it up in the bathroom.  When I returned with paper towels on it and still bleeding, Dan and Chuck both instructed me to “make it stop”.  After a couple seconds of instruction in just HOW to do this, the bleeding stopped in less than a minute.  This is amazing to me after only 5 ½ months of
Kung Fu!! 

Also, last Wednesday I recognized that all three of the cysts (neck, left leg and finger) have disappeared.  I have had three of these cysts surgically removed in the past and had been tracking one of these for over 5 years.  Gone.

The proof really is in the results.

Thanks to you and Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu for helping me make these changes in my life.

- Bill Smith

1% chance to walk walking!
It changed my life!  Used its herbs and Qi kung to learn how to walk again when I was told I had  1% chance by the Chargers Chief surgeon.  So many things, the arthritis, bursitis, headaches, pains and much more from a car accident, gone or mostly gone!  Its not just a kick and punch school, it is the ultimate science of the mind! and fun too.
- Sifu Joel Rizzo
Most friendly training center anywhere!
This is probably the most friendly training center anywhere.  I remember coming into martial arts training nervous of being out of place in the midst of really overbearing meatheads.   But what I found was the most welcoming and supportive... group of people I've ever met.  Honestly, one of the biggest reasons I continue regular training here is the quality of people I know there.   Oh and did I mention that the Kung Fu here is second to none?
- Ivan Cheong
There are martial arts schools...then there is Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu
There are martial arts schools, and then there is Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu.  This method of training and the people that you meet touch all aspects of your life.  I cannot recommend this school and system any higher.  Just pay them a visit, you will understand immediately why so many people are crazy about Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu.
- Tom Olson
A sense of purpose
Personally, White Tiger gave me a sense of purpose.  I was dabbling and floundering for many years, doing all sorts of different things.  Everything was empty.  Nothing was fulfilling.  Somehow I felt there was more that life had to offer, ...but I just didn't know what it was.  This has been the only thing that has captivated my mind, stretched my thinking, strengthened my body, challenged my limitations, and fulfill the cravings of my soul...all at the same time!  To top it off, I'm starting to realize my darma, the reason for my existence.  Deep, I know.  True for me.  Only one way to find out if it's true for you!
- Dan Luong

I'm in shape again!

I'm (or rather was) a skinny computer nerd who hardly ever worked out. In fact the only exercise I got is when I would take our 20 pound dog out for a walk. Every now and then I would attempt to throw in a little light jog. However it wouldn't last long because the little fur ball would out pace me and then wear me out.

About three months ago my wife and I took the opportunity to take the free lessons offered at White Tiger Kung Fu. During one of the earlier classes I remember almost passing out and I feeling like was going to puke. Looking around at all the other white sashes it was clear I was badly out of shape.

My wife and I felt such a strong vibe of positive energy we knew we had to sign up. Since then I've been drinking tea (with honey) nonstop and going to Kung Fu class three times a week. It's weird because most days after coming home from class I actually feel like I have more energy than before I left.

So today I thought I would be a good pet owner and take Aslan out for a "light jog". Like usual my little canine friend got excited and started tugging on the leash.  While we were jogging he suddenly stops.  I yank on the leash and he instantly lies flat on the ground. The poor dog was so tired I had to carry him all the way back home.  Until today I did not realize the improvement in my cardiovascular endurance.

That's just one story... I suppose I should also mentions it's strengthen our relationship, helped us think more positively, and learning the culture / wisdom has been a real treat.  Anyways you guys ROCK!!! And hopefully this will encourage other's to take hold of this ancient Chinese Jewel.

- Isaac G


Has made me more positive!

Hello. My name is Kim. I am a white sash in White Tiger Kung Fu. I have been attending class since November of 2008. Here is my story.
I have been suffering from moderate depression and anxiety attacks for many years. I have been on many different medications, and have been seeing a Physiologist regularly. No matter what I tried, exercise, talking to friends or doctors, and different medications, I was still always down in the dumps. I had trouble getting out of bed some days. My moods were always down and grumpy. I would never see the light of life, no matter how many people around me tried to show it to me. I know that at 30 years old, with my life still ahead of me, I shouldn't feel the way I did. I have a good job, good friends, and family close by. There was no reason in my mind for me to be feeling the way I did. Yet I continued to decline.
One of my close friends, and co workers told me about the Kung Fu classes she had been taking. She told me about how positive the classes are, so charged with energy and life. Me being the ever pessimist, it took her a few months to talk me into going and checking it out. I felt like I was so near rock bottom, I had nothing left to lose. So one Saturday I made myself go.

The moment I walked in, I could see the energy flowing. So pure and positive! I was grumpy as always, and very skeptical. I met a very charming and energetic blue sash. His name is Matt. I bombarded him with many questions. His spirits were so light and happy. I never really seen someone so absolutely positive before. Nothing but smiles from this young man! As our conversation progressed, I noticed that my mood was vastly improving. I went from being very grumpy, to happy go lucky! All in a few minutes of just being there!

Needless to say, I signed up on the spot. I am very proud to say that the happy go lucky person who finally came out of the cocoon that day has never left! I feel that I am radiating positive energy now! I have done so well on the program that I no longer need medications! To me that is a huge accomplishment! Thank You White Tiger Kung Fu! And a special thanks for Caroline for pushing me into checking out the class, and to Matt for answering all of my questions! Thank You! And, Keep Smiling!

- Kim S.