Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu Family

By Jonathan Hale

In 2003, I was searching for a martial arts school in San Diego. I
just wanted to learn self-defense. When I joined Authentic White
Tiger Kung Fu, I not only got the best self-defense system out
there, but so much more! I did not just join another school. I
joined a family! One of the aspects that makes the school stand
out out from the others is a deep sense of caring, belonging and
family that is created, and I will always be eternally grateful for
There is no denying the martial aspect of White Tiger Kung Fu,
but the atmosphere fosters a sense of community and family.
Though the students come from diverse backgrounds, the
bonds developed transcend all boundaries. There is a sense of
comradery that is unique. I have made friends who I will have for
life. Together we help each other both personally and
professionally. I feel fortunate for this in my life.

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A Traditional Martial Arts School in San Diego