Challenges Make Us Thrive!!

Not just survive

Have you ever given a child a toy and had them play with it for a few minutes and then cast it away? What about a
child that had to stand and walk for the first time to get to that toy? Doesn’t he play with it for longer? Or what about
a teenager who is given a car on their 16 th birthday and then crashes it a week later versus the teenager that
scrimped and saved all of their money since they started working to buy their first car. Which teenager valued their
car more?
If it is easy to attain does it really have value?
The truth is life without challenges is a bore! Children and adults alike know this to be true yet we fool ourselves into
thinking that we want an “easy life”. Challenges can be seen as herbs/vitamins that enrich our lives with ups and
downs. The ups are valued much more when we have downs to compare them to.
Let’s take a look at someone that has been in the public eye. Lance Armstrong, a great American Cyclist, was at the
peak of his game, ready to take on the Tour de France when doctors discovered that he had advanced stages of
testicular cancer. The cancer had spread to his lungs and his brain and his doctors gave him a 50% chance of
survival. At that point, Lance was had two choices he could sulk and say “why me?” or he could choose to set the
goal of his lifetime. Fortunately Lance was raised with a goal oriented, never quit attitude so he chose the latter.
During his battle with cancer he got to the point that he didn’t even have enough strength to ride his bike around his
neighborhood but he didn’t let it get him down. The chemotherapy took a major toll on Lance’s body causing him to
loose a lot of weight and become weak, but Lance’s mind persisted. After he finished his chemotherapy sessions
and was miraculously cured, down in weight 14 lbs and completely out of shape, Lance started training again. And
only three years after his diagnosis, he not only beat the cancer but went on to win the Tour de France.
Chemotherapy does not cure everyone who has cancer. Why? Because if you don’t have the proper mindset to go
with it, if you think, woe is me, I will never survive… YOU WON’T. This is why I say the world must change their
mindset towards challenges. It is easy to see when overcoming a challenge that you desire to work towards, and
harder to see when one feels that the challenge is thrust upon them, but it is truly all the same. No matter how much
some people might dislike challenges they will surely always be there so take a different approach to your challenges
in life. Look at challenges as a chance to prove to yourself that you are unstoppable, that you can overcome
anything. Show yourself and the world what awesome skills you have. When you overcome your challenges and
leave them in your dust, life takes on a new meaning. Life will be more fulfilling, each day will feel more vibrant and
each morning you will not only have a reason to get out a bed but you will want to get up and take on your day with a
new found vigor.
And as we say at Authentic White Tiger Kung Fu, “THE PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS!”

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